Lee County Medical Center for a Better Lee County

The leaders of our County know how special our community is, and want to see our area be the best that it can be. We are committed to ensuring that Lee County is as successful as possible – not just today, or five years from today, but for generations down the road.

That’s why the Lee County Commission is spearheading the development of a new, state-of-the-art 60-bed general hospital right here in Lee County.

Lee County Medical Center will not only provide and expand access to excellent healthcare to our County, but also to our surrounding neighbors in Southwest Georgia. We want to make sure the residents of our community have a choice when it comes to accessing the local, excellent healthcare they deserve. We also believe it will provide a much-needed economic boost to our area that has the potential to spur additional growth across many local industries in the future.

We are thankful and humbled by all of the support we have received so far – from local community leaders, physicians, businesses, residents and more. It’s clear to us that our community believes in the vision for the new hospital as much as we do.

We hope you will explore this website to learn more about Lee County Medical Center, see answers to frequently asked questions, learn how to get involved in the process and to stay informed on news and updates.

Thank you for your support and excitement for this process. We are committed to doing the right thing for our community, and we know that Lee County Medical Center will be an incredibly valuable asset to Lee County and Southwest Georgia.

Statements of Support

“Being a professional in the medical field, I see the everyday struggles our communities have with healthcare. I support Lee County Medical Center because our communities deserve an option of better care. I will be spreading the word in hopes that this facility gets the support it needs to be approved and opened in the near upcoming future.”

– Christie B., Preston, GA

“We need to be able to have choices of where we  can seek medical care in our area. We need help in getting the cost of healthcare down. Thank you, Lee County Commissioners, for having our backs.”

– Sheila P., Leesburg, GA

“I support Lee County Medical Center because it will give us back a choice for our healthcare. I want lower health insurance premiums and low medical costs for my family and friends. This hospital will help with that and bring in new jobs for our community.”

– Kellie K., Leesburg, GA

“I support Lee County Medical Center because we need good healthcare in our community. I am a Dougherty County resident, and I agree with Commissioner Rick Muggridge. It shouldn’t be county against county. We simply need a choice here in Southwest Georgia. Lee County, please move forward with this facility, and thank you for trying to making our community a desirable place to live.”

– Andrew C., Albany, GA

There is currently a great need for healthcare accountability in our area. I fully support LCMC!”

– Wendy H., Leesburg, GA