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Why Do You Support Lee County Medical Center?

“We need more healthcare choices in the area!”
– Kay B., Leesburg, GA

“I support Lee County Medical Center because we need good healthcare in our community. I am a Dougherty County resident, and I agree with Commissioner Rick Muggridge. It shouldn’t be county against county. We simply need a choice here in Southwest Georgia. Lee County, please move forward with this facility, and thank you for trying to making our community a desirable place to live.”
– Andrew C., Albany, GA

“We in Albany need a choice for our healthcare.”
– Judith V., Albany, GA

“Being a professional in the medical field, I see the everyday struggles our communities have with healthcare. I support Lee County Medical Center because our communities deserve an option of better care. I will be spreading the word in hopes that this facility gets the support it needs to be approved and opened in the near upcoming future.”
– Christie B., Preston, GA

– Sherry B., Albany, GA

“Consumers of healthcare deserve a choice in medical care, providers and facilities. The only way to ensure fair prices and quality healthcare is to force providers to ‘compete’ for healthcare consumers and ‘step up their game.’”
– Jill D., Leesburg, GA

“I feel the new hospital is bringing more jobs to our area and I hope a better level of medical care. I feel we need more than one hospital to offer care to the people of our area.”
– Velma T., Albany, GA

“Our community needs top quality medical care for its citizens. This will bring in jobs to the community and will attract more citizens and businesses to the area.”
– Lori B., Leesburg, GA

“We need to be able to have choices of where we can seek medical care in our area. We need help in getting the cost of healthcare down. Thank you, Lee County Commissioners, for having our backs.”
– Sheila P., Leesburg, GA

“I am tired of traveling out of town for medical services.”
– Terry B., Leesburg, GA

“Every person should have a choice where they can go get quality healthcare! Lee County should be able to provide its citizens with that choice.”
– William E., Leesburg, GA

“We need a choice of medical facilities.”
– Viki L., Leesburg, GA

“People in the area need another choice in a hospital to help reign in medical costs.”
– Robert R., Cookeville, GA

“We need competition for better health care.”
– Natalie S., Leesburg, GA

“Competition is good.”
– Marthan B., Albany, GA

“Because we need competitive healthcare again in the Southwest Georgia region.”
– Wendy L., Albany, GA

“The LCMC would create new jobs in this area. The 300 jobs created would boost the economy in not just Lee County but in Dougherty County as well. Money that is spent in communities between 30 and 90 miles from Albany and Lee County would be spent in this area instead.”
– Shirley R., Albany, GA

“We deserve a choice.  Lee County is trying to provide for its citizens”
– Melissa C., Leesburg, GA

“We should be able to have quality driven as well as cost effective healthcare for our community and in the process, provide great jobs for our own citizens.”
– Denise E. Leesburg, GA

“We deserve quality healthcare in SW GA.”
– Celia A., Albany, GA

“I believe in competition for all businesses. Thank you, the Lee County Commission is in my prayers.”
– Patricia D., Albany, GA

“Like MANY others, I would LOVE to have a CHOICE! I stand behind the Lee County hospital 100%!”
– Jennifer F., Leesburg, GA

“The citizens of Southwest Georgia deserve healthcare which is affordable in an environment which is free of infectious diseases in a reasonable time frame.”
– Jerry S., Albany, GA

“Because Lee county deserves to grow.”
– Elizabeth S., Leesburg. GA

“I support the Lee County Medical Center because Lee County/Leesburg  GA does not have a hospital. This county is growing in population to support the hospital. Lee County/Leesburg GA.We need another hospital.”
– Claudette M., Leesburg, GA

“I want a local medical center that when I have an emergency medical problem that has better service and will treat me based on need instead of sign in status.  I do not want to have to drive an hour when I have a medical emergency to be treated.”
– Terri B., Leesburg, GA

“The citizens of Lee County have the right to make health care choices.”
– Julian S., Leesburg, GA

“We need more choices and better service! Competition will be a good thing.”
– Linda D., Lee County, GA

“Choice and competition to keep costs in check.”
– Allison L., Albany, GA

“We the people deserve a choice of health care.”
– Thomas Y., Leesburg, GA

“This area need a choice, our choice for healthcare should not have been taken away. “
– Patricia H., Albany, GA

“I feel we need a choice in our health care.”
– Amy W., Leesburg, GA

“I believe it will help Lee County grow and better serve its citizens.”
– Steve P., Leesburg, GA

“We need competition.”
– Randal J., Lee County, GA

“I really think it will benefits us to have our own hospital like other surrounding cities.”
– Jennifer W., Lee County, GA

“I support Lee County Medical Center because it will give us back a choice for our healthcare. I want lower health insurance premiums and low medical costs for my family and friends. This hospital will help with that and bring in new jobs for our community.”
– Kellie K., Leesburg, GA

“Our area needs a choice for medical care.”
– Mark H., Lee County, GA

“We need competitive healthcare in our region. We need CHOICE. I support your effort 100 percent.”
– Betty R., Albany, GA

“We need more options for healthcare.”
– Tricia C., Leesburg, GA

“Of course, I support competition. Competition is good for the consumer and leads to better prices and service.”
– Beth O., Albany, GA

“Because we all need a choice!”
– Alan H., Cordele, GA

“Presently there is no choice of healthcare in this area. I would prefer choice. Competition is good for business.”
– Mack R., Leesburg, GA

“This hospital will bring new jobs, a better town to live in and competition to other facilities in and around our County, so the price would be affordable for the residents of Leesburg, Georgia.”
– Roger S., Leesburg, GA

“There is currently a great need for healthcare accountability in our area. I fully support LCMC!”
– Wendy H., Leesburg, GA

“We need another option for hospital services. The jobs the establishment will bring will help the economy.”
– Lorrie J., Americus, GA

“I believe it will be good for Southwest Georgia and Lee County. It’s time we have a choice in healthcare.”
– Fran F., Albany, GA

“Our community deserves competent and intelligent healthcare.”
– Sylvia P., Albany, GA

“I support the hospital to help us in Leesburg and Albany. We see business leaving everyday here. I love my hometown and want it to grow.”
– Tina R., Leesburg, GA

“I think citizens should have a choice in hospitals.”
– Shelby W., Leesburg, GA

“I believe we deserve to have other options in our community. I also believe it is a way to help Lee bring in jobs and benefit our community.”
– Angel L., Leesburg, GA

“Better community and choices.”
– Jason and Melissa H., Leesburg, GA

“For the ability to bring jobs to our community and to provide a broader choice in healthcare.”
– Trey N., Leesburg, GA

“I believe in choices.  I believe in competition.  I believe in quality, infection-free healthcare.  I believe in opportunity and growth for citizens.  I do NOT believe in a monopoly.  PLEASE keep moving forward and continue to care about the people in ALL of Southwest Georgia!”
– Kathy P., Albany, GA

“More jobs, more healthcare options, better quality of life for all. It would also help alleviate strain on ER traffic and reduce wait times. Faster response times for outlying areas, and opportunity for more physicians to gain residency. More jobs promote a healthy economy too!”
– Frank W., Leesburg, GA

“Cost prohibitive care with no competition on pricing, physicians need a choice as well as patients. Lee county has the land, and support for this hospital.”
– Debra S., Leesburg, GA

“I would enjoy having a closer to home healthcare option. I take my family to Columbus for doctors’ visits and the occasional ER visit.”
– Abigail H., Lee County, GA

“Over the past several years seeing the decline of quality of healthcare and the rising costs, I truly feel as a citizen of this area that we should have a choice in where I take my family for healthcare. I think it would be good for LCMC to offer options to the healthcare workers in this area. Also competition is good for all bases to continue to raise the bar for excellence. It shouldn’t be allowed for DoCo to try to intervene in another county trying to grow their county.”
– Debbie W. Leesburg, GA

“I support the Lee Medical Center because it will bring growth and revenue to the county.”
– Elena E., Leesburg, GA

“I believe that having choices and options for medical care only benefits and improves care for patients and providers.”
– Nadine W., Leesburg, GA

“So I will have a choice where to take my family. And also have a choice of an employment opportunity.”
– Pamela D., Sylvester

“Quality healthcare at this present time is less than substandard in the Albany MPS area. We need quality healthcare brought back to this area.  For this reason, I am totally supportive of the upcoming Lee County Medical Center and me and my family will be using their services.  Thank you to Lee County for this opportunity for all of us in this area to have a choice.”
– Kimberly N., Albany, GA

“The number one reason is for a choice in healthcare. This is NOT just another business coming into town. For many, it is a life of death decision.  Second reason, growth and job opportunities. We have the infrastructure to bring large corporations to our county. We should not have to sit and wait for another county to bring businesses for growth. It’s time.”
– Stacey F., Leesburg, GA

“I support Lee County Medical Center as an alternative to the substandard monopoly in Southwest Georgia. The addition of another alternative for treatment adds value to the citizens by giving the patients the option to cost compare routine procedures, thru increased wages-as both facilities (should) compete via compensation packages for the best and brightest in the field, and allowing patients to choose the better of the two facilities to place their trust.I want another alternative just down the road in Leesburg…”
– Rob J., Americus, GA

“I think Lee County Medical Center would be extremely beneficial to this area and be extremely successful.”
– Shannon O., Leesburg, GA