Our Vision

The leaders of our County know how special our community is, and we want to see our area be the best that it can be. We are committed to ensuring that Lee County is as successful as possible – not just today, or five years from today, but for generations down the road.

That’s why we are committed to building a better Lee County. We want to protect what makes us unique, but grow in ways that will help us be strong in the future. This vision is not just for our County residents, but for all of our neighbors in Southwest Georgia. We know that the more successful we are, the more we will be able to positively impact our surrounding communities, too.

The current and future healthcare needs of our community are our priority.  Detailed demographic and other analyses show a clear need for a new, short-stay general hospital in order to provide a choice of hospital providers within a reasonable travel time. Lee County Medical Center will increase access to hospital services and provide patients with a choice of where to receive hospital services.  The Federal Trade Commission has recognized the need for healthy competition in the area.

We are excited about Lee County Medical Center’s role in these efforts. The hospital will provide local access to affordable, excellent healthcare, as well as a critical economic boost to our area that has the potential to spur additional growth across many local industries in the future. In fact, while many rural hospitals across Georgia have closed in the past few years, it’s a great indication of the stability and strength of our County that we are in a position to build this hospital.

By providing both acute and emergency care services for all, regardless of ability to pay, the County will ensure that the residents of our community have access to the local, excellent healthcare they deserve. Learn how to support our vision.